Welcome to My Blog!

I am experensd web developer.

And I will get money in internet. I have created more then 100 web sites but I do not have my owen project.

The aim of blog.

I am going to publish in The blog my development experements, and everything that I think about computers, programming, relax etc.

I can create almost all small web site using MODX in hours.

What to do!? If I will spend all my time for creation web site for money. I will have only maney for relax but I went more.
I think what nobody will read it. If You are really read this please contuct me. And we will think about the way of creating big internet project together.

Space for banners and other interesting things.

Add your advertise hear. Be the firest who will beliave in we. Samz web site development blog.  Hamster(iT mEanse home page). The Bast web site disign id no design ...

I am a man who doesn't have anything and a lot.

Now I have good knowlinge  of programming:c#,mssql,php,mysql,js,jquery,css

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